Vestpocket Software

Report Writer

The Report Writer fetches objects from the database and formats the information in the objects into a report based on a user designed template.  Once the template is defined it is stored in a report template library where it can be used to write the report at the users discretion.  To make a report template the user defines the name of the template and the table that is used to produce the report.  A description is optional.  They then specify the fields, their order and format, and which objects will be considered to appear in the report and their sort order.  They can store the template and print the report.

Report Template Library

The Report Template Library allows the user to choose a report to print or preview.  If the user chooses Custom Report - Create or modify a report the Report Writer Dialog, shown below,  is displayed.  The user  can then choose a report to edit or create a new report .


The Properties Tab, shown above, displays the name, description and  object type of the report template.

Choose Fields

The Choose Fields  Tab allows the user to select the fields that will appear in the report.

Format And Select Order

The Format Report Tab allows the user to arrange the order of the fields in the report and specify their justification, width, and format.

Filter and Sort

The Filter and Sort Tab allows to user to select the rows that will appear in the report based on a filter, to specify the sequence of the rows, and to specify which fields will  produce breaks (blank lines to appear) then the field values change.

Print Preview or Print

The Print Report Tab allows the user to specify the space between the columns in the report and to specify the line spacing.  After the report  template is defined the user can press the 'Print Preview Report' button the preview the report or the 'Print Report' button to print the report.

Print Preview Dialog

The Print Preview Dialog shows the appearance of a typical report.